Connecting people to whatever they love is my greatest mission...

Celebrating the sentimental and nostalgic is my passion!

People want to remember their children as they’ve grown, people who have passed, and beloved pets. Some want keepsakes of special places, favorite animals or pastimes.  I love using fabric that someone has stored for years because they feel some kind of attachment to it. Sometimes it is baby clothes and blankets, or clothes from someone whom has passed, or simply a box of fabric from someone who no longer sews. Each piece of fabric holds its own memories. Using these pieces of fabric to create beautiful art is a great way to honor and kindle memories. One work of art has the potential to remind you of several loved ones and things at once, while simultaneously beautifying your space.


Creating Modern Art for your Nostalgic Heart

When you think of your grandparents or small children, you can remember them in specific clothing or carrying that special blanket. These items are often kept in some box in storage. Kept because of their sentimental value, stored because, let’s be honest, how do you display something like that?

Also, when you think of your loved ones, you remember the things they loved whether activities or collectibles. Using the fabric of their lives and your memories both tangible and otherwise, Jenni is honored to become familiar with your loved one and joyfully create art to both tastefully adorn your home and serve as a lovely, lasting visual story.

Imagine transforming Grandpa’s plaid shirts into a portrait of the deer he loved to hunt…  Transforming the bin of Grandma’s fabric into a picture of one of the carousel horses she used to collect…. Transforming your child’s baby clothes and baby blanket into an image reflecting the wonderful person they’ve become.  The possibilities are endless and the memories are yours to behold.

Jenni can also transform entire rooms by creating accent walls that add warmth and whimsy.  Jenni’s style of Kimekomi is also unique in its ability to quiet a room. Imagine a sound room with an oversized portrait of your favorite musician, or a quiet meditative space with a large sunrise, sunset or lake view.

Jenni enjoys working closely with her collectors to discuss ideas, view photos, create sketches, discuss the stories behind the art, choose colors and fabrics, and to settle on dimensions and price. She can create custom art in any size and almost any shape.


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