Schedule your Kimekomi workshop with Jenni

Workshops are available for people interested in one-on-one instruction or group settings (up to 12 students). I am available to come to your home, gallery, school, church or community center to teach you and or your family or friends how to do the Kimekomi technique.  These workshops are perfect for the people who love fabric but are daunted by sewing.  This is a NO-SEW technique!

I also teach workshops hosted by: POAC’s Joyce Dillon Studio in Sandpoint or Create in Newport, WA. 

Workshops cover the basics of 2-D Kimekomi.

We will begin by drawing a design on foam-core.  

Think of stained-glass designs or quilting designs as inspiration. 

We cover basic cutting techniques for the foam, then cutting and tucking techniques for the fabric. 

  • All tools, Foam-core, and fabric are provided.
  • I encourage students to bring their favorite fabrics to use. Please, NO SATIN!
  • Student or contact person is responsible for any location fees and if applicable.
  • Attempt Kimekomi at your own risk (we use knives and scissors).
To schedule or learn more about upcoming workshops, Contact Jenni Barry.
  • 5/22/2022   The International Art Museum of America in San Francisco, CA is hosting a workshop in honor of Pacific Islander Awareness Month. For more information and tickets CLICK HERE
  • 6/10/2022 Joyce Dillon Studio, POAC, Sandpoint, ID is hosting a workshop. For more information and to register for class, CLICK HERE